From the start, I always wanted The Fading Theory Barber Shop to be unique and provide a great shop experience for my customers. That’s why I started this, to serve my customers. I was shocked and disappointed at the way the barber industry had changed over the last 50 years and how some of today’s shops have become a den of unprofessional, unlicensed and uninsured hubs of illegal activity. Where did the professionals with class go? Many retired or passed away and left voids in this historic and beautiful industry. I feel a barbershop should NOT be a place where it is acceptable to disrespect our women and ourselves. The barbershop should not have an anything goes atmosphere, and allow people to engage in shady backroom transactions, or behaviors. I have heard the saying, “men will be men” I beg to differ. Boys will be boys, but “men” know how to adjust to the situation and any room they enter, while carrying themselves appropriately. The barber shop should be a place where we give and receive knowledge and model integrity and professionalism. A place where we provide exemplary customer service and enhance the reputation of the community. If you would not feel good about bringing your child to a shop, because of all that goes on in there, or you wouldn’t bring your mom, dad, or refer your boss to that shop, why would you go there? So you can be cool?

Let me be clear, what I want to offer is pleasing aesthetics and provide clean, professional, old school services that have been updated with modern style and techniques. I want to offer multiple ways for you to pay for services and options to book appointments from the comfort of your home 24/7, via computer or with a smart phone, via our free mobile phone app. I want our staff to be well mannered, friendly, and as prompt, reliable, and consistent as we can, while continuously trying to improve. I want to build a brand and company that my beautiful ADOS community can be proud of. Lastly, I want you to feel good about selecting The Fading Theory for your hair care services. We are attempting to change this industry for the better. With your support, we can.

Sibou Walker,


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The Fading Theory Barber Shop is different than other shops.

We operate and adhere to a professional barber shop experience and environment.

We are proud to be an ADOS owned, safe and family friendly entity for you, your children and other loved ones.

Have no fears of an inappropriate atmosphere, drug use, or the degradation of our people in our shops. We do not permit such things. We appreciate you, and we want to earn your business for many years to come.