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32 N. Parke St. Aberdeen, Maryland 21001. Shop phone: 410-297-6709

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Just 16 minutes from Abingdon and only 10 minutes from Havre de Grace!      

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Shop services are by appointment only. Our hours and availability are subject to change. We may offer another day or time option if a conflict arises with an appointment that you have scheduled. Please note that appointment start times may vary due to reasons beyond our control and extended COVID19 sanitation steps and procedures; however, we do everything we can to try and ensure appointments start on time, or within minutes of a scheduled start time. It is our mission.

Temperature checks are now optional, but suggested upon entry. Those with covid19 like symptoms will not be served and will be asked to leave. Masks are now optional, however those with excessive coughing, or open air coughing will be required to wear a mask, or may be asked to leave until they are feeling better.

Full payment for any and all services via a valid credit/debit card, or via the cashapp is REQUIRED FOR ALL online APPOINTMENTS. Our cashapp is $thefadingtheory. You may make prepaid appointment payments over the phone via the same aforementioned methods, or in person. You may also make in person appointments with cash payments. ANY payment that is made for any service appointment via any method will be forfeited should you no-show, (arrive 10 minutes, or more late,) or not cancel/reschedule 30 minutes or more prior to any scheduled appointment. We also offer walk-in service if barbers are available, however all appointments take priority over walk-in service. Walk-in service is at our option. We are a drug free company. Do not arrive under the influence of drugs, do not bring drugs to our facilities and do not smell of drugs when you arrive. That means alcohol, weed, etc., whatever. You will not be served, you will be asked to promptly leave, you will forfeit any appointment payments made and you will have to prepay and schedule a new appointment when you are able to arrive drug free. Violating our company Covid19, substance abuse policy, or any other company policy that prevents a service from taking place, will result in any payment being forfeited and possibly banned from our company.

If you do not see an available time showing on the day of your choice in our schedule, then there is no open appointments available at that time, or day. Be sure to check the schedule at different points during the day, as clients will sometimes reschedule an appointment, which will free up appointment space.

WARNING! In order to deter fraud, we may capture the IP address of ANY computer or mobile device suspected of fraudulent interactions and provide that information to the proper authorities….






The Fading Theory Barber Shop is different than other shops.

We operate and adhere to a professional barber shop experience and environment.

We are proud to be an ADOS owned, safe and family friendly entity for you, your children and other loved ones.

Have no fears of an inappropriate atmosphere, drug use, or the degradation of our people in our shops. We do not permit such things. We appreciate you, and we want to earn your business for many years to come.