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The Fading Theory Barber Shop LLC is a wholly-owned ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) entity that has two Maryland locations. The Fading Theory Barber Shop provides classic barber services while implementing traditional and modern cutting techniques. All services at The Fading Theory are provided by licensed, professionals in our upscale, comfortable, yet old-school environment. And yes, our licensed professionals service straight, curly, and combination hair. As a thank you to our military personnel, we offer a 10% discount off of hair services. A valid military ID must be presented at the time of service. We continuously strive to become better in all aspects of company operations and we truly want you to see that difference.

Come to relax, chill and get a nice haircut, with nice service in a nice environment, presented by nice professionals, but keep in mind that violating any of our policies, or Maryland state policy or law may result in no entry, no service, or your being asked to leave. Outside food, drinks, foul, or abusive language, as well as unruly behavior is not permitted in our facilities. Smelling of any drugs, or alcohol is not permitted in our shops. You will not be served, asked to leave and forfeit any payments made should you violate our policies. Children must remain seated before, during, and after services. We are proud to be a no-nonsense, drug free, and smoke free company, and we mean that. The Fading Theory reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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Other Barber Shops and Salons

Select the Fading Theory Barber Shop for your hair cutting and shaving needs, but even if you select another shop be sure to look for the following. A valid Maryland state barbers license, with the barbers picture (not a copy of another person’s license) must be displayed at each barber’s work station, as well as a valid shop license must be hanging in that barber shop or salon. We understand that some shops and some barbers do not take sanitation, safety, covid19, or general Maryland barber policy seriously, but ask yourself this. If a barber shop, or salon is willing to break rules and cut corners, what other rules and corners are they willing to break in that shop they may affect you and your loved ones? You may confirm that ANY barber shop, or salon in the entire state of Maryland has at minimum gone through the proper channels and has earned the licenses and permits to serve the public by searching the following Maryland Barber/Barber Shop link – Click here, or the Salon/Cosmo link – Click Here


David A
Feb 11, 2019
This shop has nice haircuts. He calls me sir and I'm only 13, plus my mom thinks he is awesome.(she is gonna kill me when she reads this lol)
Cameron H
April 1,2019
I got a nice fade, 5 comic books and some shampoo that my brother tries to steal!
William C. Gatty
April 2, 2019
I had to learn the hard way initially, when I showed up 20 minutes late for an appointment. I didn't get a cut that day, and lost my deposit.Totally my fault, and I own that. I admit that I felt some kinda way, until I saw the operation and how the master barber ran the shop. Once I understood that I wasn't at Pokies barbershop, I have been blessed every since. Trust and believe, that I have showed up on time, or rescheduled every since. A legit business, with talented barbers.
Roberto O.
Jan 10, 2019
Great cut!
The Edmond boys
Feb 5, 2019
The wave product they sell is like that. They have my waves popin, with my fade, plus my brother be swearing he gets more numbers after he goes there. He don't get more than me though!!!

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We will show you friendly, professionals and a professional barber shop environment.

You can bring your children to us without fear of a inappropriare atmosphere, and we have CCTV security video recording.

At The Fading Theory Barber Shop LLC, we appreciate you, and we want to earn your business.

We want you as a repeat client for many years to come.

Heck, we will even say thank you and count your change back to you like the good ole days.