Drevon E.

March 22, 2019
I’m still kind of new to the Fading Theory. I have been there about 9 times, and have an appointment coming next week. I’m gonna keep it all the way 100 here. The shop is on point, and I see what people are talking about, with the professional thing. When I go there I feel like my cut at that time is all that is going on in the world. The focus is on me and believe it or not, they don’t even like to answer the phone during a cut. The Master did my cut, and you can tell he cares. My last appointment was at 7am in the morning. 7am! When I got there at 7, the shop was actually open on time. I was like, oh he serious with this lol. To be honest I thought the Master didn’t really like me, because some days he was laughing, joking and other days he was quiet for the most part. It wasn’t until later, that I found out he has been battling Cancer, so I had a whole other level of respect for him, and understood why some days he wasn’t feeling his best and was quiet. Much love to this shop and to the Master Barber.

The Fading Theory Barber Shop is different than other shops.

We operate and adhere to a professional barber shop experience and environment.

We are proud to be an ADOS owned, safe and family friendly entity for you, your children and other loved ones.

Have no fears of an inappropriate atmosphere, drug use, or the degradation of our people in our shops. We do not permit such things. We appreciate you, and we want to earn your business for many years to come.