Michael B.

March 1, 2019
This is my spot! I have been going to The Fading Theory for several years and each time I go I am reminded of how nice this shop is. Nice Barbers, nice shop, nice services, just nice in general. The Master is just nice with it! See you in 2 weeks fam.

Kimberley E

Dec 2, 2017
Haircut perfect; excellent customer service. This shop is perfect for me! The proprietor is a true gentleman, and excellent barber. The atmosphere is great. I love that I can make my appts online

Shon L

Feb 18, 2018
Great service, Great atmosphere. Able to secure appt online, clean professional atmosphere, hidden treasure. Personal touch I added. My son loves his cut.


Feb 14, 2018
Clean cut at Fading Theory Barbershop. Barber was very attentive to detail in my cut (Light fade with beard trim). One of the best cuts so far during my stay in Baltimore. I would definitely recommend this location. Free parking lot parking would’ve been nice, but it’s Baltimore.

Sidney Harris

Feb 5, 2018
Great Haircut and Great Servies. The shop was great and the barber was very professional. The Haircut looks great!. Definitely coming back.


Feb 3, 2018
Patience and perfection! Awesome atmosphere. The Master Barber Mr. Walker took his time and gave a polished look! My son loved the comic books.


Jan 28, 2018
Great service and top-notch Atmosphere. Mr. Walker does an excellent job each cut. It’s easy and convenient to schedule an appointment as early as 7am which I love. No more waiting for hours and hours. Where else can you get a cut before work in the morning?

Ty Q

Dec 29, 2017
First Time, Very Pleased. Mr. Walker did an excellent job of cutting my hair. He was not only skilled with the clippers but was also very attentive to my requests. The shop is clean and very professional.

Aaron O

Dec 18, 2017
Excellent service every time. Mr. Walker has created a very unique atmosphere in his shop. It is always very warm and inviting with a positive energy. Each time I walk into the shop, I get a clean professional cut at the best price in the city. He is a true professional!

Bryan Hek

Dec 15, 2017
I’m a customer at The Fading Theory Barber Shop
. This place with barber Mr. Walker is the best. He is doing what needs to be done with your hair. Great barber.

The Fading Theory Barber Shop is different than other shops.

We operate and adhere to a professional barber shop experience and environment.

We are proud to be an ADOS owned, safe and family friendly entity for you, your children and other loved ones.

Have no fears of an inappropriate atmosphere, drug use, or the degradation of our people in our shops. We do not permit such things. We appreciate you, and we want to earn your business for many years to come.